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Label Design

Apothekari Skincare

Apothekari Skincare is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, offering a range of clinical formulations for the skin. 

Along with the CEO and the pharmacist, we created new labels for seven products that released in 2022.

Re-Branding & Web Design

Chocolatepeque Honduras

Chocolatepeque is a non-profit organization that makes quality chocolate with cacao from Honduras. 

I did graphic design on rebranding their logo, product packaging, web design, social media ads, product photography, and video production.

Logo Re-Design

Freedive Utila

Freedive Utila, the first freediving school in the Caribbean. At every level of training, the students are continually achieving dives on one breath.

I worked with the CEOs of the company, Chris Canal and Andy Gibson, to recreate their logo for their branding and marketing.

Logo Design

The Magic Mission

The Magic Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping overpopulation, abuse, and homelessness of dogs and cats in Latin America.

Pebe Sebert and her daughter Kesha, both award- winning artists reached out so we could work on the logo for their organization.

Logo Design & Branding

One Journey

One Journey is a BPO Coaching Program based in Panama and operated by Christie Martin-Matzdorff. She is a BPO & Call Center Strategic Talent Management and Operations Expert for the USA, Latin America & the Caribbean.

I worked with Christie doing graphic design, video production, 2D animation, e-books, and social media ads.


Art Director / Editor

Las Vacas Locas

“Las Vacas Locas: The Ribeye Redemption” is a book about a clever group of cattle that always step ahead of the law.

The book was written by Mark Colbath and illustrated by Višnja Mihatov Barić. I did art direction for the hardcover and Kindle versions. The book is available on Amazon and is part of an ongoing series.

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